Re-branding the Comet Research Group

The Comet Research Group (CRG) has evolved quite a lot over the last two decades, from our early days as an informal collaboration between scientists to our role today as part of an official non-profit and a global leader in comet impact study. Leagues of scientists, volunteers, and donors gave of their personal time and treasure to help us get here, and to all of them we say, “thank you, thank you, thank you!”. We would not and could not have done it without you.

This fall, CRG will evolve once more, as we launch our first-ever crowdfunding campaign to underwrite The Sunken Crater Expedition slated for early next year. This campaign will also seed support for two additional expeditions in the second half of 2017.

To prepare for this campaign and to facilitate our mission more broadly, we enlisted SkyBound Marketing to make the Comet Research Group and our work more accessible. Over four weeks SkyBound established a new logo and brand standard for CRG, created additional messaging to help us reach beyond our typical circle of scientists and data geeks, and built for us a new website and social media pages so that we can share our work more broadly and better facilitate public dialog about our findings.

Please take a look around the site. We hope you like what you see!

  • CevinQ

    Im glad to see this field get more exposure, as it has implcations for the survial of our society in thre future.

    A few years ago when I became interested in the mythology of the indigenous peoples of the west coast, I ran across a several stories that would seem to accounts of the aftermath of the YDB event.
    From stories in northern california about the day the earth burned, and the ocean rose up and washed over the coastal mountains, to central cal where the a great smoke blocked the sun and all of the snow in the mountains was melted and caused the river valleys to flood killing many people, to the deserts of southern cal where the people associate meteors with death and one tribe has a story rowing their canoes to a new land in the darkness that befell the earth.

  • Thanks CRG! It’s been a great thrill to learn more about your work and we can’t wait to see the new campaign kickoff Nov 1!

  • Tesla_X

    Will you guys have a new twitter handle too?

  • Allen Gabriele

    “After about 1400 years of warming, temperatures plunged 10°C (50°F)”
    10C° = 18F°
    Pretty much the first line of the argument. I like your argument. You shouldn’t start off this way.

  • TW

    So hear I am after watching Hancock & Carlson on Joe Rogan. Checking time stamps during 2020 lockdown, what’s up in 2020?
    They make a great case for the comet vs Washington State.

  • Jan M. Hansen

    Why not think bigger like hudson bay.
    With a thick ice crust, you may not find any clues but the round shape in the south east of the bay.
    The northern part may be shaped by large amount of melting ice and water.